Our Services

Touchstone Brands offers comprehensive sales, marketing and brand management services for the Canadian beverage alcohol market.  Our vendor partners range from large global brands looking to grow their sales and brand awareness nationally, to smaller craft and artisan producers looking for support on a regional level.  Using our expertise and knowledge of the market, we aim to customize a strategy to fit each brand’s unique needs, with the goal of creating a strong and sustainable sales and distribution foundation from which each brand can evolve.
In addition to various industry certifications that our team members carry, we also invest in training and developing our sales professionals to properly understand and represent your product and brand.  When possible, we aim to have our partners spend time working with our team members in the trade, to help them gain a stronger understanding of  the challenges and opportunities within our markets.

Whether you’re looking for better consumer engagement, additional channels of distribution, or driving sales velocity, we’re confident that we can offer an effective solution to meet your needs.  

To inquire about representation, please reach out to us at sales@touchstonebrands.com.  We look forward to working with you.